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1 EUR = 7,5345 KN


MISO SOUP  5,50 €/41,44 kn                                        
Japanese soup of miso paste, dashi and soy with spring onions, tofu and wakame seaweed
DASHI SOUP  5,50 €/41,44 kn        
Vegetable soup with dashi and lime leaf
TOM KHA KUNG   8,50 €/64,04 kn                                                
Thai aromatic shrimp fish soup with coconut milk, lime juice and fresh chilli

CHICKEN RAMEN   15,50 €/116,78 kn                                     
(chicken soup with noodles, roasted drumstick and shank, garlic and sesame oil, egg, shiitake, spring onion, sambal)
PORK RAMEN 15,50 €/116,78 kn                                
(pork soup with noodles, roast pork, garlic and sesame oil, egg, shiitake, spring onion, sambal)


CHICKEN SPRING ROLLS     9,50 €/71,58 kn                             
Spring rolls stuffed with chicken, cream cheese, spring onions, wrapped in rice paper; served with sweet chilli sauce
DUCK SPRING ROLLS    9,50 €/71,58 kn                                  
Chinese spring rolls stuffed with roasted duck meat in hoisin sauce,
with spring onions, carrots and Chinese kale; served with sweet chilli sauce
VEGETARIAN SPRING ROLLS   6,50 €/48,97 kn                  
Vegetarian spring rolls; served with sweet chilli sauce
GYOZE PORK    8,50 €/64,04 kn            
Stuffed Japanese dumplings with pork, spring onions, gorgonzola; served with gyoza sauce
GYOZE CHICKEN   8,50 €/64,04 kn                        
Stuffed Japanese dumplings with chicken, cream cheese, young onions; served with gyoza sauce
GYOZE SALMON.   9,50 €/71,58 kn                                          
Stuffed Japanese dumplings with salmon, cream cheese, truffles; served with gyoza sauce
SHRIMP TEMPURA. 10,80 €/81,37 kn                                      
Fried shrimp in tempura, served with wasabi mayo
SALTED EDAMAME  7,50 €/56,51 kn                                 
Cooked soy beans
SPICY EDAMAME 7,80 €/58,77 kn                                    
Cooked soy beans with soy, sesame oil and sambal sauce


WHITE FISH CARPACCIO  19,50 €/146,92 kn
Thinly sliced ​​white fish fillet with spicy punzu sauce, radishes, sprouts and truffle oil
TUNA TATAKI    19,50 €/146,92 kn                          
Tuna briefly roasted in pepper, topped with tataki sauce
TATAKI RIB-EYE  17,50 €/131,85 kn                   
Short-baked rib-eye topped with an emulsion of truffles, coriander and olive oil


NEGIMAKI 6 pcs   19,80 €/149,18 kn               
Japanese beef rolls with chickpea puree and white truffle oil
TERIYAKI CHICKEN  13,50 €/101,72 kn                 
Chicken thigh in teriyaki sauce with rice
BRANCIN 120g   22 €/165,76 kn        
Sea bass fillet on cauliflower cream with orange emulsion, black truffles
RIB-EYE 260g   25,50 €/192,13 kn   
Rib-eye steak, served with BBQ sauce and side dishes

LOSOS STEAK  18,50 €/139,39 kn
Glazed salmon on edam hummus with spinach and peanuts
TUNA WELLINGTON   24,50 €/184,60 kn
Tuna steak in puff pastry on chard and garlic cream​


CHICKEN BUNS  11,50 €/86,65 kn                                
Chicken fillet, cucumber, sweet chilli, spring onion, buns pastry

BEEF BUNS  13,50 €/101,72 kn
Beef, BBQ sauce, teriyaki sauce, caramelized onions, buns pastry

PORK BUNS  11,50 €/86,65 kn
Pork, coleslaw salad, spring onions, BBQ sauce, buns pastry


PAD THAI    17,50 €/131,85 kn
Rice noodles with chicken, shrimp, vegetables, peanuts, egg and sprouts
SOBA WOK   17,00 €/128,09 kn
Soba noodles, hoisin sauce, duck, pickled carrots, spring onions


RED CURRY BEEF  20,50 €/154,46 kn  
Beef, red pepper, purple onion, curry paste; served with rice
GREEN CURRY   15,00 €/113,02 kn
Thai curry with chicken, eggplant and coconut milk, prepared with curry paste; served with rice
Lamb and wild boar meat in marinade of coconut milk and tamarind with Asian spices,
lime and cucumber rait; served with naan
Marinated chicken thigh in tomato sauce, coconut milk and yogurt; served with naan
BEEF TERIYAKI  20,50 €/154,46 kn
Beef, udon noodles, beans, spring onions, teriyaki


SAKE            15,50 €/116,78 kn
MAGURO     18,50 €/139,39 kn
The brittle part of the tuna
OTORO        21,50 €/161,99 kn
Fatty part of tuna
HAMACHI    21,50 €/161,99 kn
TAI               ​21,50 €/161,99 kn
SUZUKI      21,50 €/161,99 kn
Sea bass

HOSOMAKI (6 pcs)
AVOCADO         6,50 €/48,97 kn
KAPPA              6,50 €/48,97 kn
NINJIN               7,50 €/56,51 kn
SAKE                 7,50 €/56,51 kn
TEKKA                8,50 €/64,04 kn

NIGIRI (1 pcs)
CHUTORO (medium fatty part of tuna)     4,80 €/36,17 kn 
OTORO (fatty part of tuna)                       5,50 €/41,44 kn
MAGURO (brittle part of tuna)                   4,80 €/36,17 kn
SAKE (salmon)                                    4 €/30,14 kn        
EBI (shrimp tails)                                       5,50 €/41,44 kn
SUZUKI (sea bass)                                     4,80 €/36,17 kn
BEEF (beef)                                                5,50 €/41,44 kn
TAI (dentex)                                                6,50 €/48,97 kn
HAMACHI (gof)                                        6,50 €/48,97 kn
GUNKAN BEEF                                          6 €/45,21 kn
(rice wrapped in zucchini and stuffed with beef tartare)
GUNKAN SALMON                                    4 €/ 30,14 kn

(rice wrapped in zucchini and stuffed with salmon tartare)

URAMAKI (4 pcs)
AGE EBI                              8,80 €/66,30 kn                                                   
Fried shrimp in tempura, philadelphia cream cheese, avocado, salmon
DRAGON ROLL 6 pcs       16,50 €/124,32 kn                                     
Roll stuffed with eel and cucumbers, coated with avocado
SPICY EBI                         7,50 €/56,51 kn          
Roll stuffed with spicy shrimp tartare and cucumbers
CHICKEN ROLL                6,50 €/48,97 kn       
Roll stuffed with chicken, topped with teriyaki sauce
PHILADELPHIA ROLL       7,50 €/56,51 kn         
Roll stuffed with philadelphia cream cheese and avocado, coated with salmon
SPICY TUNA ROLL                         7,50 €/56,51 kn                
Roll stuffed with spicy tuna tartare
CHRISPY TUNA ROLL                     7,50 €/56,51 kn               
Roll stuffed with tuna, avocado and tempura crispy
KHALI-KO ROLL                               8,80 €/66,30 kn
Roll stuffed with cheese, roasted salmon skin and avocado, and coated with salmon
CHEF ROLL                                      8,80 €/66,30 kn
Roll stuffed with tuna, white fish and salmon, and coated with salmon


SALAD                         4 €/30,14 kn
Fresh salad (dill, arugula, chicory, baby spinach)
RICE                           3,50 €/26,37 kn
Cooked sushi rice, spicy
FRIED RICE               5,50 €/41,44 kn
Fried rice with egg, edamame beans,
carrots and spring onions
FRIED VEGETABLES       5 €/37,67 kn   
Grilled vegetables
NAAN                    3,50 €/26,37 kn
Yeast Indian bread, coated with butter
SAUCE                 1,50 €/11,30 kn
Wasabi mayonnaise, teriyaki, sweet chilli
BBQ Kansas city         1,50 €/11,30 kn


CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE        6,50 €/48,97 kn
Chocolate souffle, vanilla ice cream, coulis of forest fruit
APPLE PIE.                              6,50 €/48,97 kn
Apples glazed in butter and brown sugar, flavored with cinnamon,
vanilla cream with lime aroma, crispy dough
HOMEMADE ICE CREAM      3,50 €/26,37 kn
A scoop of homemade ice cream


The price includes VAT, a tax on consumption and services.